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Our Game Super Cell is about doctors working in a top secret laboratory. They’re desperately trying to cure all diseases and at the same time they are making a virus to be used as a weapon. Under tragic accidents the viruses they have been studying have invaded the doctor's bodies! Your mission is to go inside the doctor’s bodies and cure them from their ills. Cascade Junior High’s Oregon Game Project team believes we have met the theme of hidden worlds by exploring the microscopic world that resides inside of all of us. We believe you should take interest in our game because who isn’t curious about things you can’t perceive? It’s interesting to see how diseases affect the body and how you can stop them, and in our game you can. Our game meets the concept of hidden worlds, as you can explore the hidden world that resides in all of us.
When the game opens, a menu will appear. The two options are START and PROCEED. If you are playing for the first time, press START. It will ask you if you are sure. If you have a save file, the save file will be overwritten if you select yes. Otherwise it does not matter. When the game starts, you'll be confronted with a cut scene. Press enter to continue through the cut scenes, but we encourage you to read the whole cut scene to get the entire story. When game play starts, you use WASD to move, and left mouse button to shoot at the monsters. Viruses and bosses hurt you in different ways, but be careful, because projectiles hurt the patient. If your health runs out or the patient dies, you loose. In order to win, you must defeat all four bosses in all four rooms. Now go and save the world!
Download the executable file. The file should run as an application and shouldn't need any Game Maker program.

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Middle School
2015-2016 (v9)
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