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**Corvus Corax** *(or "The Corvus Corax Mystery")* is a gothic style puzzle platforming game, where you must use key-binds, and expend your own health in order to manipulate the ground and solve the level. The game follows the character: "**crow**" in their mental health Journey, as they fight against their own brain and save themself from the dark spiral of inky black, which lies in their heart. As the story progresses Crow gains more color in their life, as they start to see the world through a brighter lens, they start to reach the end of the dampened and dark tunnel that is their soul. Will Crow win against their own self? Will they reach the end ? I guess you'll have to find out...
**Movement** To play the game you must move. To move you press "A" and "D" to move left and right. Space allows you to jump around. **Use your magic abilities** To use magic, you have to press on the arrow keys twice. The first button that you press should be the direction of the objects you want to move. The second arrow key you press needs to be the direction you want to move the objects in. For example if you wanted to move the ground to the left of you to the right, you have to click the left arrow key then click or hold the right arrow key and that will manipulate the ground to the right. Keep in mind that **while using magic, your health drains.** This happenes because you have to take a part out of you, to use your magic abilities. **Solving Puzzles** Use your magic abilities and movement to your advantage. Manipulate ground, collect heart crystals to heal, and solve those puzzles like a pro!
You can install the game by downloading the files from download link given on this OGPC website or you can go to the playable link. If you choose to download the game, you need to extract the zipped files and click on the exe file labeled "CorvusCoraxMystery.exe"

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