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Ordeal is designed as a fast pace run and gun bullet curtain game combined with a tournament fighter style once the players reach the boss phase or they choose to play the custom matches to play against an AI controlled character of their choosing or other players sitting beside them giving every player a different section of the game once they do finish the campaign. Both the story and game mechanics link back to OGPC's theme of 2021 - 2022 of "Symbiosis" since it’s a two player game with a maximum of three characters they can both switch in and out from in case things get a bit too difficult as these characters can only heal out of combat and each one has their own different play styles. Single player only reduces the health of bosses and requires some skill to easily get through each stage meaning this game is mainly targeted towards older audiences yet younger audiences tend to play the game knowing how exciting it is to watch things blow up and being as competitive as possible with one another.
The game is designed to be two players that share the same screen so each player has their own set of controls they can easily change in the game's options. First Player Controls: WASD = Movement F = Light Attack Hold F = Weak Projectiles G = Grapple Opponent Hold G = Guard H = Heavy Projectiles Hold H = Magic Charge V = 1st Assist Hold V = 1st Switch Out B = 2nd Assist Hold B = 2nd Switch Out Crouch + Side Back + Hold G and H = 5 Charges Special Crouch + Side Back + Hold H = 3 Charges Special Crouch + Side Back + Hold F = 1 Charge Special
Might need to download the 2.0 version of the Godot game engine if we didn't figure out how to add a playable link.


High School
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Engine logo Other Engine
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