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A uniquely mismatched Contemporary Time Based RPG that combines various genres and elements into fast-paced "fun". We provide the player an artistic experience based on time constraints and visual confusion. In this game you play as a knight who has lost his belongings and so needs to venture out to gather his lost stuff and fight off the source of a cures on him. Time passes abnormally quickly for him because of his curse so he needs to do everything fast.
Once the game is open navigate the start menu using a mouse, and click on the buttons that are wanted. Once the game is started use WASD controls to move the main character, to interact with an object just walk into it. In combat their is a check box in the bottom right that will pop up text boxes that will explain what everything does. A simple version is that buttons on the bottom do attacks and the sliders on the top represent health for the two parties involved in said combat encounter. As you fight the more you win the more XP you get, the more you loose the less XP you will get from future combat encounters. Once you get sufficient XP o level up two buttons will appear in the bottom left corner, pick the stat that you would like to level up. you can use the "i" key to open/close the inventory and navigate the inventory with the mouse.
For the normal game download the zip and load it on a Apple Silicon device ie. M1 or similar chip set, windows installation coming soon. To install the source code version download the code from the link on this page. Once downloaded import it into Unity it should automatically install the correct editor install but if not it was made on 2021.3.8f1, this version is not listed in unity so you will need to download it from the unity website. Once it the project enter the scene labeled Start, this scene is the main menu, press the play button on the top, unpause it if needed and play as if normal. MediaFore link if you dont want to download a zip:

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