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SOURCE CODE IN GAME ZIP! Backstory: You were the single miner on the newest edition of spaceship designed for deep space travel “The Spartin 7320 nexus spacecraft” , your goal was to extract at least 100 units of a new material the nexus gem, where 1 unit is able to power the entire planet earth for 100 years. This mineral was first found by a deep space probe sent out by the united states in 2012, said probe went out of contact 10 minutes after it found the sample. Shortly after you were put onto this ship and sent right to the location of the lost space probe. After getting there you find that a certain race of aliens seem to have much of the nexus gem, but each spaceship carries one. They managed to do heavy damage to you spaceship, but you were told that you are not allowed to return until you acquired 100 nexus gems, so you will repair the ship and collect it.
Keys: Up arrow: Player: Go upward Drone: Increase Forward Velocity Menu: None Down arrow: Player: Go downward Drone: Decrease Forward Velocity Menu: None Left arrow: Player: Go leftward Drone: Turn Left Menu: None Right arrow: Player: Go rightward Drone: Turn Right Menu: None Space: Player: None Drone: Stop Menu: None Enter: Player: Enter Craftroom Drone: None Menu: None One: Player: None Drone: Collect Drone Menu: None Two: Player: None Drone: Attack Drone Menu: NoneEscape: Player: Escape Menu Drone: Escape Menu Menu: Return to Last Room
Competition Exe Folder: Double Click on the game design club competition.exe then you can play Game Design Club Competition.exe, A standard app upload, you must bypass window's alerts. Game Design Club Competition(Week 9), The source code file, delete if not intrested in it, uploaded in the install due to issues with uploading to github.


High School
Platform logo Windows
Engine logo GameMaker
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