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You're a new hire for a monster hunting job; or so you thought. After you receive an odd call, you make it to an old vacant house. An entity of unknown origin catches you off guard, knocking you out and leaving your gear damaged, and your net gun broken beyond any repair. You try to leave but your exit is locked. You must now find a way to escape, moving through 5 unique rooms of the house: basement, bedroom, kitchen, living room, and hedge maze for an exit, using your senses and broken gadgets to the best of your abilities to avoid the monsters and get out alive. The longer you stay in a room, the lower your sanity goes and the sanity demon waits just around the corner for you to go insane. He knows where you are and you must run or you'll be dead in a blink. The game will get harder as the senses and gadgets that keep you alive are taken one by one from you by a dark and wispy figure. Will you escape this horror maze strategy game or will you be just another meal for the enemies that lurk within this house?
You must use your five human senses (Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, and Hearing) to identify monsters and their locations, as well as 5 special Gadgets, Monster tracker, Decoy, Teleporter, Dash Boots, and a Thermal Camera to navigate through the maze-like floors of the house to escape through the darkness and get out alive. You will explore 5 rooms each with their own traits. Use your senses wisely as the sense you use the most will be the one you lose after that room. Get the fastest completion time and secure your place on the leaderboard in up to eight different categories. WASD - Movement 1-5 - Sense Hotkeys Q - Gadget Hotkey Space - Interact Right mouse - Shoot GPS (Gadget Special Button) Esc - Pause NOTE: All non-mouse buttons are rebindable and will save to the computer
1. Download the .zip file to your computer 2. Unzip the file using either built-in unzipping or an external product like 7-Zip 3. Open and play the game

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