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Sausage Salvation by MAD, a mixed middle-high school team, is a game about Sammi the Sausage trying to escape the kitchen without being eaten! Sausage Salvation takes you through various dangerous kitchen environments, and pits Sammi against various dastardly cooks as she tries to collect healthy vegetable power ups. MAD was a tightly coordinated group that put a lot of thought and work into every aspect of their game, and we at OGPC are very much looking forward to seeing them again next year!



Given the pandemic many people have been raiding their pantry and eating unhealthy meats and packaged foods. Others are not able to receive fresh vegetables and have to resort to eating packaged foods. These are unhealthy for the body and can be a leading factor in many bad health conditions. Our game raises awareness to ensure that everyone remains healthy. Our game is about a sausage named Sammi. Sammi finds herself isolated in the kitchen after all of her friends and family are eaten up by the Chef's family. She has to be resilient and pass multiple obstacles in order to survive and defeat the chef. She will not only have to worry about the chef but also pots, pans and fire to just name a few. Do you have what it takes to get Sammi through all the obstacles? Sammi the Sausage: "Due to being stuck at home, everyone is splurging on processed meats, frozen and packaged food! Help me escape from getting eaten like what happened to my fellow linkmates, and also help people go green!"
Your objective is to help Sammi the Sausage avoid obstacles, collect edibles, and make it to the door at the end of the level to escape to freedom! Keyboard Settings * Left --> Left arrow key * Right --> Right arrow key * Jump Up --> Up arrow key * Shoot bullets --> Space Bar Collide with the vegetables, berries, and bread to collect them. If you collide with the pots, pans, a certain berry, refrigerator, blender, dishes, flames, spikes, or anything else specified you will lose a life. Stay away from the chef to avoid becoming food for a family! Good Luck!
Click the link to play our game. Please make sure you are on a computer. *Please note that our game takes a few minutes to load.


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