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Our game, Elatis: Edge of the Sky, is a game where you explore the 2017-18 theme "connections" through gameplay by playing a match three game and also through the story as you fight the monsters of four differing isles in order to restore peace and prosperity to the people who inhabit the isles. Jonah and Melora are carried to the Desolate Valley isle by a colossus, crismon bird who snatches them and carries them to this isle from their planet. The isles have been overtaken by monsters, in which the native people begged for help from Jonah and Melora to kill these monsters. It is Jonah and Melora's job to defeat these monsters so the indigenous people will have their isles restored to peace.
CONTROLS Title Screen ↑ Up arrow and ↓ Down arrow to move Enter to select the room you want to go to or to close the game. Volume Slider and to Pause Menu Press Esc key and use your mouse left click to drag the horizontal block left or right to change the overall volume. Match Three Game Use the left click mouse and drag it towards where you want the slot object to go. If it has the same type of slot then it’ll make a match and add to your Gem currency. The Shop Gem matches add to your currency and with this currency you can buy potions. These potions will give you more turns or they can give you more health as you fight the monster you try to defeat in your match three battle. To buy something you will have to make red gem matches which will add to your currency which can be used to buy things here. Cheats Z - Next room X - Previous room R - Restart Room
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BCFWQABAVmLiYuUayfKvxLwIa8oyb16S 1 - Click on the Google Drive link above. Click the download symbol. Google will scan it for viruses then install it. 2 - After the installation is complete, click open when done. 3 - If Windows protects you from installing, click more details then click run anyways. Allow it to make changes to your computer. 4 - This will open a GameMaker Studio 1.4 setup to download the game. Click "I Agree" on the first screen that appears. 5 - Install DirectX if you need it, if not it'll be greyed out because your computer already has DirectX. Preferably, check create desktop shortcut because it makes the file easier to find so you don't lose where the file goes in the black hole that is your computer. 6 - After you have checked the settings you want, click next . 7 - Choose the desired location for your installation in your computer files, then click Install. 8 - "Finish" on set up and then run when the download is complete.

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High School
2017-2018 (v11)
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