Nestucca Junior Senior High School

Cloverdale, OR
High School
Inspiring excellence, instilling diligence, and initiating life-long learning
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School History

Season Team Entry Registered
2019-2020 (v13) AA Batteries (350) Dissonance of the Wings
2019-2020 (v13) Rise (377) Untitled Rise 2020 entry
2018-2019 (v12.0) Cat Constructors (201) Communist Space Pirates
2018-2019 (v12.0) Taco Byte Games (280) Oltrec
2018-2019 (v12.0) RMB (266) The Adventure of Andrew the Skeleton
2018-2019 (v12.0) βγδα (265) The Tale Of Ethos
2017-2018 (v11) Cat Constructors (201) Disconnected
2017-2018 (v11) Infallible (202) Amity of the Wings