Mountainside High School

Beaverton, OR
High School
We are an inclusive community of learners where all students, families, and staff grow, belong, find value and purpose in ourselves, and contribute to the global community.
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School History

Season Team Entry Registered
2021-2022 Dingus (417) [Private]
2021-2022 The Ridge Studios (416) [Private]
2021-2022 Prime Studios 3 (418) [Private]
2019-2020 (v13) teamName,exe (358) Untitled teamName,exe 2020 entry
2018-2019 (v12.0) Inkblot Studios (298) Spectrum
2018-2019 (v12.0) Berry Games (299) The Well
2017-2018 (v11) GenericTeamDotexe (227) GenericLaserDotexe