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Recognition of Excellence
The poster for Diver City is absolutely outstanding - it looks like something that belongs to a professional offering in an app store. The Sisters in STEM started with a clear vision - make a mobile style game for quick sessions that delivers a message - and then executed well on that idea.



Help save the oceans! The goal of the game is to try to swim as far as possible and to pick up as much trash (plastic bags and water bottles) as you can along the way.
As you swim, pick up the plastic bags and water bottles to keep the ocean beautiful, but make sure to stay away from the squid and jellyfish. If you hit the squid, you can keep swimming, but your vision will be temporarily blocked by ink. But if you hit the jellyfish, the game is over. To jump, use the up arrow key or the space bar and to move down faster, use the down arrow key. Collecting more trash will multiply your score at the end. When you pause the game, look out for facts about the oceans. While you play the game, if you complete specific achievements you can unlock new characters. A character is ‘locked’ if you can only see the silhouette and the character will be revealed once it is unlocked by completing the specific achievement. Also don't forget to turn on your sound! The game has music and sound effects.
**How to install the game on a windows computer** (it might be different for other computer brands) Click the link titled "diver city game" and download it onto your computer. Once you download it on your computer open it. Then select the application "Diver City". Since it is a zip file you will need to click "extract all". Then click on the game maker file labled"Diver City". A pop up will say "windows protected you PC" and click on the underlined "more info". Then click the button "run anyway" and the game will start running! **HTML version** If you click the "play now!" link down below you can play the web version of our game! It is exactly the same except the music doesn't work and there is a small glitch with the scoring system.

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High School
2019-2020 (v13)
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