Skyview High School

Vancouver, WA
High School
The mission of Skyview High School is to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to be college-, career- and life-ready.
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School History

Season Team Entry
2018-2019 (v12.0) spacepigs (279) spaceboi
2018-2019 (v12.0) REDACTED (276) Escape the Fire
2018-2019 (v12.0) Placeholder (274) [Private]
2018-2019 (v12.0) Obfuscated Phenomenon (277) Pau City
2017-2018 (v11) NPC Rights Activists (187) Connected Empire
2018-2019 (v12.0) Etwas Dummes (278) Desert Game
2018-2019 (v12.0) Dimensional Storm (275) Dimensional Mayhem
2017-2018 (v11) Banana Storm (182) Project Input