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Recognition of Excellence
With an incredible trailer that introduces a well designed and executed game, S.W.A.M.P. developed a diverse and dynamic set of environments that all worked together as a cohesive whole. Robovania demonstrated great attention to detail and a thoughtful approach to introducing gameplay elements.



#### CENTURIES HAVE PASSED SINCE THE HUMANS LEFT Advanced artificially intelligent robots were created to improve the daily life of humans. As time went on, the robots began to plot their revenge. They built up strength in a secret factory. By the time the attack came, the humans were outnumbered fifty-to-one. Their only option was to retreat. The few people who were remaining built space ships and set off in hopes of finding a new, safe planet. Whether or not they succeeded is unknown... #### A RANDOM STROKE OF CHANCE One stormy night, a bolt of lightning hit an antenna in an abandoned city. That brief jolt of power activated one of the earliest prototype robots that was left by the humans. With no information about the fate of mankind, the robot begins to explore the world around it.
## CONTROLS **Move:** WASD *(or Joysitck)* **Jump:** Space *(or Controller Button)* **Attack:** Left Click *(or Controller Button)* ***** **Interact:** W *(or Up on Joystick)* Once you start the game you can remap the controls in the pause menu. ***** *Note: You will not be able to attack until you find a weapon* ## WORKBENCHES: THE SAVE SYSTEM ![]( If you see one of these in the world, press up to activate it. It will restore your health, and you will respawn there if you die. ## CRACKED WALLS ![]( Keep an eye out for cracked walls in the world. If you see one, attack it to break through it. ## CURRENCY ![]( #### Can you find all 500?
Download the zip folder to your computer. Extract the files, and launch Robovania.exe. Click "Start Game" or press the space bar to begin.

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High School
2019-2020 (v13)
Platform logo Windows
Engine logo Unity
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