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Gas station guy eats crusty (premade, frozen) hotdog and ALMOST dies (parasite in burrito). Parasite keeps gas station guy alive and can now control the guy. Player plays as parasite controlling the guy As parasite interacts with more people, it gets easier for parasite to control gas station guy GOAL: Parasite wants to adapt enough to blend in with other people so that his true identity is not discovered Beginning: Gas Station Guy eats hotdog and gets parasite Middle: Guy w/ parasite goes around and tries to blend in with society End: parasite/player either chooses to be good or bad, triggering different endings Bad Ending: parasite releases brethren and takes over world Good Ending: parasite grows sympathetic and stays within current host
Brain Buddy is a side-scrolling adventure game filled with mini-games and puzzles. You play as an infected gas station attendant who is mostly dead. The alien symbiote has attached himself to Guy's CNS to keep him alive so he can realize his bucket list dreams. The alien symbiote controls Guy's movement. The first level is the Gas Station level, where you will compete in mini-games related to Guy's bucket list. The second level is the City, where you will enjoy mini-adventures like hijacking a concert and learning how to ride public transportation. The final level is the lab (duh duh duh). Here you will participate in five more mini challenges...all to check off those items on the list. In the end, Guy helps the alien symbiote get back to the mother ship, and after checking off all the items on the list, he can die peacefully knowing he accomplished something in his time on Earth.
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High School
Platform logo Windows
Engine logo Other Engine
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