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One day a space exploration sent by NASA found a strange new planet in the galaxy closest to us has a source of unlimited power. The alien natives found living there call it "Spacedust." The explorers asked for the spacedust, but the aliens said no. At that moment the explore's ignorant, short tempered leader, Bob, shot the aliens, then fled with pictures and proof of the planet. Later The aliens received a message saying that because they refused to give the the spacedust to the humans, all of earth was disappointed, and that they were at war! Your job is to defend against the human attacks, that will keep advancing until you defeat the whole army. Good Luck! :) SpaceDust is a 2D "tower" defense game. The objective is to successfully defend off the human attackers with your single alien fighter, Gustox, using his blaster.
Load the game. Once at the title screen, press the "space" key to start the game. Once in the game, you control the alien "Gustox" on the right hand side of the screen. You job is to defend your planet from the invading humans and prevent them from taking all of the SpaceDust on your world. Up moves Gustox towards the top of the screen Down moves Gustox towards the bottom of the screen Space fires Gustox's blaster There are 4 worlds (levels) that you must successfully defend as the humans make their way to your homeworld. In each world you will face three waves of human enemies. Each world gets progressively harder, facing more enemies and more difficult to destroy humans.
Download the game from the link above Unzip the file using windows explorer or your favorite decompression program Run the executable (double click in Windows Explorer)

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Middle School
2015-2016 (v9)
Platform logo Windows
Engine logo GameMaker
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