Saint Pius X School

Portland, OR
School photo

Teams and Entries

Season Division Team Entry
2015-2016 (v9) MS Wildcat Game Designs (104) Atomic Durp
2014-2015 (v8) MS Wildcat Game Designs (104) The Unexpected Adventures of Durpy Kitty
2014-2015 (v8) MS Wildcat Game Designs (104) Wildcat Game 2015 Entry
2015-2016 (v9) MS Venturous Key (197) Space Battles
2016-2017 (v10) MS Team Beyond (228) Clash of Nations
2016-2017 (v10) MS Stardust Studios (227) Operation Space Survival
2016-2017 (v10) MS No Monkey Business (229) Moon Man on Mars
2016-2017 (v10) MS Emoji Squad (226) Space Chase
2015-2016 (v9) MS Blitzkrieg Game Studios (196) The Blackout