Sunset High School

Beaverton, OR

Teams and Entries

All 2017-2018 (v11) 2016-2017 (v10) 2015-2016 (v9) 2014-2015 (v8) 2013-2014 (v7) 2012-2013 (v6) 2011-2012 (v5)

All: All years and unregistered

Team Division Entry
Bexaat HS none
Nahian and Friends HS none
Team Unoriginal HS none
Burning Wolves HS none
Silver Pandemonium HS Circuit Run
Nighthawks HS Unnamed
VoidStar HS Portal Defence
Maybe HS TBD
Team MIFT HS Mift
Team Blitzkrieg HS Systems Afire
Late Code HS Search for Earth
E-Lemon-ators HS E-Lemon-ators 2014 Entry
E-Lemon-ators HS E-Lemon-ators 2013 Entry
Moonscape HS Keep flying and nobody explodes
Moonscape HS Cave
Filter Quest HS Filter Quest
We 3 Geniuses HS SpacedOut Team
Dinotrain HS DinosRX