Wilson High School

Portland, OR

A comprehensive public high school with a proud tradition of excellence.

Teams and Entries

All 2017-2018 (v11) 2016-2017 (v10) 2015-2016 (v9) 2014-2015 (v8) 2013-2014 (v7) 2012-2013 (v6) 2011-2012 (v5)

All: All years and unregistered

Team Division Entry
Wilson JV HS Wilson JV 2015 Entry
Ballad Games HS Ballad Games 2014 Entry
Project Ataahk HS Expedition Ataahk
Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiders HS Quorox
IRL Gaming HS IRL Gaming 2013 Entry
Team Henry HS Team Henry 2015 Entry
Twinning HS Vault
Migos HS Operation Corvus
Migos HS Flyer-22
Ballmer Peak HS Ballmer Peak 2012 Entry
Based Pattern HS Based Pattern 2014 Entry
Squirrel Squad HS Squirrel Game
SALSA Studios HS 4 Corners
Team Team Team Team HS Electric Boogaloo - The Final Frontier
Underwater HS Now You Sea Me
Auriferous! HS Auriferous 2013 Entry
LP Monster HS Rush to Safety
Paradigms HS Private
Dice Boys HS Epic Dreams
HAL2016 HS Curses!
Twenty Euros HS Twenty Euros 2013 Entry